Below, you will find a collection of video tutorials which I have developed and hosted on my YouTube Channel. Please click on the images that represent a tutorial to see more information and/or the video for that tutorial.

I have updated this part the website to take advantage of the YouTube Data API v3. As a result, all of the tiles below, and their associated metadata will be retrieved directly from my YouTube channel, and then cached in memory for better performance optimization.

How To Delete/Close Your LinkedIn Account
How to Install Hyper-V Virtualization Server
Upgrade Office 2013 to Office 2016
How To Enable a Microphone in Adobe Connect
How To Dsable The Charms Bar in Windows 8
How To Use Comments in Word 2010-2013
How To Position Pictures in Word Documents
How To Create a Zip File in Windows 7
How To Create a System Recovery Disk in Windows 8
How To Copy Diagram Layouts From RSA to Microsoft Word
The Dance of the Thanksgiving Turkey
How To Disable the Laptop Touch Pad
DaffittTechToolbar In FireFox 6
User Credentials and CodePlex Login
How To Group Images in Microsoft Word
Output From Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Animations for Powerpoint 2007
Adding Images in PowerPoint 2007
Adding a Slide in PowerPoint 2007
Adding Text in PowerPoint 2007
Themes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
The Basics of PowerPoint 2007 Part 1